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October 12, 2021


Our regular monthly ANC meeting is this Wednesday, October 13, at 7 PM. The agenda is here. The meeting will be on Wednesday, October 13th at 7:00 pm.

This meeting will be held online via Zoom and can be accessed at the following link:

If you do not have a computer or access to the internet, you may join the meeting via phone at (301) 715-8592 or (646) 558-8656 with meeting ID 814 3262 8224 #.

Among our main agenda items are a discussion of the plans for the Stead Park renovation and a resolution on pedestrian safety, as described below. Daniel Warwick, our former chair and fellow Commissioner with whom I shared a boundary, has resigned, and moved to Capitol Hill. Thanks to Daniel for his years of service and leadership of our ANC.
Nathan Ballard Means

Drive like your kids live here...

On Friday, September 16, four year old Nathan Ballard Means was riding his bike across New Hampshire at S Street NW when he was struck by an SUV. This intersection had previously been identified as an unsafe route to school in a study prepared for Ross Elementary School parents; the report’s recommendations have yet to be implemented. The solutions identified include higher visibility signage and road striping, as well as pavement bump outs.

Together with Nathan’s parents, I met on site with representatives of DC’s Department of Transportation on September 23 to discuss solutions and timing. I joined Council Member Brooke Pinto on Friday October 1 for a neighborhood walk and listening session on pedestrian safety issues.

Nathan is fortunate – he survived this accident with bruises. Two other children – four year old Zy’aire Joshua and five year old Allison Hart - lost their lives in similar situations – crossing a street in their neighborhood, and two other children, aged six and eight, and their father were struck and injured while participating in “Walk to School Day” October 6.

I’m a member of the Vision Zero Caucus because our neighborhood is first and foremost a residential, walkable neighborhood. As I’ve heard over the past few weeks, far too many of us don’t feel safe on our streets. That has to change. This newsletter is principally devoted to traffic safety issues pending with our ANC and how you can help us make our neighborhood safer for everyone.

Vision Zero is a promise that our streets will be safe for every user – it is an action plan to eradicate traffic related injuries and deaths through infrastructure improvements. But DC is on pace to break last year’s record for fatalities. There have been 30 deaths as of October 1, including Jim Pagels, a bike and pedestrian safety advocate struck and killed in a chain reaction crash. Code for DC estimates that vehicle collisions with pedestrians and cyclists are underreported by at least 30%.

DC Auditor Kathy Patterson last month announced a review of DDOT’s implementation efforts, including resource allocations and equity considerations.The DC Council included a funding mechanism for Vision Zero in the recently passed FY 2022 budget. Mayor Bowser has pledged upgraded traffic enforcement, lowered speed limits in our neighborhoods and allocated an additional $10 million for road safety improvements.

Here’s where you come in.

Our ANC is undertaking an intersection audit. Next time you are out and about, please take a minute to “audit” one of the intersections. It’s simple – an interactive map identifies the intersections not yet covered. You need to take a picture and answer a few questions about the intersection’s physical condition, markings and signage.

Our ANC is also prioritizing the implementation of safety measures. We have pending requests for action involving long delayed improvements for Connecticut/Florida/S/21st; an assessment of 18th between Riggs Place and T NW; and the two most recent requests for New Hampshire and S. As a result of the incident at New Hampshire and S, we are asking for additional study of the streets surrounding the parks at the New Hampshire/17th Street NW, and T and S Streets NW, including the two pocket parks. We are also asking for implementation of the recommendations included in the study of safe routes to school presented to Ross Elementary School parents.

Help us bring attention to these requests, and accelerate a response. You can do that in one of several ways:
  • Acting Director Lott has been nominated as DDOT director; the DC Council’s Committee on Transportation and the Environment will hold a public hearing on his nomination October 26. You can submit remarks – including your support for greater urgency in implementing safety improvements in our neighborhood and increased transparency about both progress and delays, or suggested questions, ahead of time to Chair Mary Cheh’s office at: and
  • Write Council Member Pinto to thank her for her recent efforts to highlight pedestrian and bicyclist safety and to encourage her further efforts to accelerate the promised DDOT improvements in our neighborhood:
I’d appreciate it if you would copy me on these emails – I’ll be following up on these priorities.
  • Attend our monthly Mobility Committee meetings – the next one, slated for Tuesday October 19, will include a discussion of the status of previous requests and next steps. That agenda and link will be posted on our ANC 2 B website shortly.
  • Work with our ANC and with your neighbors to raise awareness about this issue and discuss ways you might make your streets safer. That may include monitoring traffic patterns on your own block to identify possible issues requiring further attention or hosting an event on your block. I’m eager to help and to support your efforts to make our neighborhoods safer for everyone.
The photo above is a family photo included in the Washington Post article on the accident.

Land Use Committee

I joined Land Use Committee Chair Will Herbig for an onsite meeting with the developer and design team for the proposed 1722 Swann Street NW project. This vacant lot is slated for development into residential condominiums; the design team is well aware of past efforts to develop this lot and concerns expressed and sought our initial guidance. I emphasized the importance of early and regular consultation and the need to manage construction activities responsibly to ensure minimum disruption of sidewalks and road and alleyways. LUC Chair Herbig and I encouraged the team to begin engagement with neighbors as soon as possible. ANC Chair Holden and I had a follow up phone conversation October 6 with the team. In both the onsite and subsequent conversations, the design and development team emphasized their willingness to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

The LUC’s regular monthly meeting on October 6 focused on the updated plans for Stead Park and Recreation Center, which will be further discussed at our regular ANC meeting. Among suggestions are that the design preserve the outdoor program space in front of the entry, consider ways to enhance the tree canopy including preservation of existing trees, and ensure adequate shade for playground areas. Steve Calcott, of DC’s Historic Preservation Office joined the meeting for a working session to discuss the office’s approach to both new and existing construction in historic districts.
townshouse fall

In other news...

WELCOME, DAWSON’S!: On Thursday October 21 from 5-7 PM, I’m co-hosting a welcome and celebration of Dawson’s Market, the successor to Glen’s Market, with manager Bart Yablonsky. This is a neighborhood and community jewel and meeting place – the market is an important voice in a citywide conversation about sustainable sourcing and support for locally grown and made products. Bart will outline his vision for the market, including his support for local vendors, and sustainability, with several of those vendors on hand to sample and discuss their own vision. Our event will also feature remarks by Council Member Pinto and fellow ANC Commissioners.

COLORFUL FEST: Join Capital Pride Alliance at Union Market Sunday October 17 for this year’s COLORFUL Fest, from noon to six. This street festival will feature community groups, artisans, food and live music. Our ANC is proud to support this event and looks forward to hosting in the neighborhood in future years.

IT’S ON: The High Heel race is back! Join neighbors on Tuesday October 26 on 17th Street, between R and P, to watch the parade, starting at 6:30 PM and race down 17th street at 9PM. Thirty four years of Dupont magic and sass, and the perfect warm up to Halloween.

NEIGHBORHOOD CLEAN UP: Together with fellow Commissioners I’ve been supporting monthly clean ups of our neighborhood. September’s focused on Dupont Circle and adjacent small parks. This month, we’re at Stead Park and Recreation Center, Saturday October 30th, to help spruce things up before the annual Halloween Treat Walk for our smallest and youngest residents, culminating at the Center. Join us around 9 AM. See our ANC 2B webpage for more details in the next few days.

SIGNATURE LOUNGE: As noted in my last newsletter, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board issued its decision on August 27, granting this license subject to conditions. The applicant has decided to appeal this decision. I’m including the Board’s reasoning below, of the basis for the Board’s decision now under review, which was based on concerns expressed by our ANC, the Dupont Circle Citizen’s Association and neighboring residents during our public protest hearing:

“based on compelling evidence that the ownership has created safety concerns in the past by permitting the door of its other establishment to be locked when in operation, that prior nightclub activities at the proposed location caused noise issues, and that the premises lack commercially reasonable soundproofing, the Board is not persuaded that Signature Lounge should be granted full privileges to operate a nightclub and provide other nightlife-related activities. Therefore, the Board conditions licensure on (1) limiting the hours to 1:00 a.m. during the week, and 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday; (2) hiring at least 2 officers with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) on Friday and Saturday during the evening and early morning; (3) not charging a cover charge; (4) not permitting promoters to maintain control over the establishment; and (5) not allowing live bands to perform.”
As always, I hope The 2B0 One newsletter is informative. Please remember to connect with neighbors, and show support to one another, including our small businesses. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your neighbors. If you aren't already subscribed, you can add your name to the list with the handy button below.
I always welcome your thoughts and suggestions for building a stronger neighborhood.

We are ONE Dupont.
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