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November 9, 2021


This year, there were two runnings of the High Heel Race down 17th – one for last year and one for this one. I was honored to hold the rainbow finish line with fellow Commissioner Will Herbig, and to join so many of you in celebrating this iconic neighborhood event, the 34th and the first since 2019.

There’s nothing like it, anywhere in DC or, really, in the world. It’s part of what gives our neighborhood its unique character. What else makes our neighborhood “Dupont”? That’s the question before the DC Council as it considers proposals to redistrict our Wards, following the recent national census. Maps under consideration would move the Ward line south from U to S Street, and west to 18th, or 16th, or 15th. I joined fellow Commissioners in testifying before the DC Council’s Redistricting Subcommittee, to urge that North Dupont remain part of Ward 2. Our two wards have populations within acceptable limits and moving North Dupont into Ward One would not achieve greater demographic diversity. Among other considerations in redistricting are keeping identifiable neighborhoods together. Our LGBTQI neighborhood is an important community of interest; moving North Dupont into Ward One would dilute this community’s voice and vote in our Ward. We commissioners and other neighbors testified to challenges associated with managing zoning and planning issues that arose during the 1990-2000 period when North Dupont was part of Ward One; difficulties for parents advocating safe routes to school and similar priorities when split between two separate wards with two separate ANCs, BOE and Council representatives, and the fact that unlike the historic and natural boundary represented by U Street, S Street is residential and an inappropriate border for marking ward lines.

I urge you to weigh in with the Redistricting Subcommittee (made up of At Large Council Members Elissa Silverman (chair), Anita Bonds and Christina Henderson) and the Council, as soon as possible. Tell them how you define the Dupont neighborhood, including whether you are a Ross Elementary School parent, as well as which metro and bus lines you use; which grocery, hardware, and other small businesses you frequent; and which gyms, restaurants, bars and other amenities are your regular go-to spots.

More background on the redistricting process, with maps, is here: Redistricting 101. This is the timeline:
  • November 5, 2021: Final hearing on redistricting
  • Mid-November 2021: Subcommittee mark-up of the ward redistricting bill ( technically a subcommittee of the Committee of the Whole)
  • December 7, 2021: First vote by the full Council on the ward redistricting bill
  • December 21, 2021: Second vote on the ward redistricting bill
  • December 2021: Ward Task Forces (which provide recommendations on ANC redistricting) start meeting
  • February 2022: Ward Task Forces report out recommendations
  • May 2022: Subcommittee mark-up of the ANC redistricting bill
  • June 2022: Council votes on the ANC redistricting bill
Riggs and 18th

Monthly ANC Meeting: Wednesday, November 10, at 7:00 PM

We will be taking up a resolution on this issue at our November meeting – along with a request that ABRA conduct a fact finding investigation regarding the recent Halloween pub crawl, a discussion of the budget, and a visit from our Congressmember Eleanor Holmes Norton.

The agenda is here. In accordance with the “COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020” and current DC Health limitations on mass gatherings, this meeting will be held online via Zoom and can be accessed at the following link:

If you do not have a computer or access to the internet, you may join the meeting via phone at (301) 715-8592 or (646) 558-8656 with meeting ID 864 5347 4635 #.

Giving Thanks

It was a busy and productive month, and in the spirit of the season, I’d like to explain by acknowledging some of the many people and organizations that make our neighborhood better:

First up, Dawson’s Market, Manager Bart Yablonsky, and their sustainable, local, pro-community business model, recognized as “best of” in several City Paper categories ( I hosted a welcome event October 21, attended by Council Member Pinto, ANC Chair Holden, Dupont Circle Main Streets Director McLeod and Dupont Circle BID Director Hawkinson)

Next, Mayor’s Office of Community Relations (MOCR) Ward 2 Liason Joe Florio, for helping me get a big light pole back into the ground at the corner of 18th and Riggs Place, and for accelerating progress on a number of pedestrian safety priorities, including double-backed stop signs at the intersection of New Hampshire and S Streets NW

John Means and Rebecca Ballard, parents of Nathan Ballard-Means, and Ross Elementary parents involved in the DDOT Safe Routes to School study, for spearheading efforts to highlight pedestrian safety issues and working with us to find solutions. (See our October ANC resolution which I helped draft here: pedestrian safety. I helped organize a subsequent meet up with MOCRs Florio and Noakes and DDOT Ward 2 Liasons Andrew DeFrank and Donovan Boyd to discuss additional, immediate interventions along the New Hampshire corridor to alert drivers and slow down traffic, to be undertaken over the next 3-6 months.)

Vision Zero ANC Caucus, which hosted an informative meeting with DDOT Director nominee Everett Lott, ahead of his confirmation hearing, to discuss continued concerns about pedestrian safety and to advocate improved tracking and accountability regarding traffic safety requests. On November 1, DDOT initiated a new, simplified process and tool for submitting and handling these requests, responding to these concerns: dashboard. Of note, residents no longer need an ANC Commissioner’s sign off before submitting safety investigation requests; routine maintenance asks are handled through the 311 portal. (My statement regarding Lott’s nomination, urging increased focus on pedestrian safety and improved management of traffic safety requests, is here.)

Friends of Stead Park, who, along with Stonewall joined us for an October clean up ahead of their Little Goblins Halloween parade on October 30th. Thanks to Commissioner Mulhall for organizing this clean up, which I co sponsored with Commissioners Herbig, Holden and Silverstein.

Capital Pride Alliance, a good and frequent partner to our ANC, for their vision and commitment in pulling together a strong bid for Washington as the host city for World Pride 2025, delivered November 5, with a decision expected sometime in the next week.

Stonewall Kickball, our hosts for the first Battle of the Circles, a kickball challenge at Stead Park November 5 between Dupont and Logan ANC Commissioners, playing in their individual, unofficial capacities. Stonewall brought along some of their All Stars and spent a glorious fall afternoon coaching and inspiring us. They aren’t just a sports league; they’re also all stars in community philanthropy and leadership training as well as broader wellness initiatives.

Last but not least, formidable Logan ANC kickball opponents Guggenmos (coach, 02) Romanowski (01), Yan (03) and Joseph (05, MVP), who have had the good grace not to mention the score; and fellow ANC 2B teammates Herbig (05), Holden (08),Silverstein (06, MVP) and Sacco ( ED).
DuPont Kickball 2021-11-09_10-02-01

COVID Vaccines, now for ages 5 and up

It’s finally here! Get your child vaccinated, and/or get a booster shot, at one of these sites: TaketheShotDC
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